Washington dc

IFS Therapy

for INFJs, empaths, and other highly sensitive humans


Cultivating Curiosity

I fuse modern psychotherapy frameworks and ancient healing modalities in my practice. If you are into the specifics, here are the three pillars The Healing Exhale is rooted in: 

Talk therapy in a safe and judgement free space, using an IFS approach to explore and befriend all parts coexisting within

Somatic modalities like breathwork as tools to deeply connect to your body, access a sense of safety, and cultivate Self energy

Lifestyle choices that both empower your wellbeing and create healthy routines to help you regain control


Hi! I’m Mara.

I help people look within and find their way back to their wise, centered, grounded Self. Using feelings as feedback, we hold space for intense emotions and explore painful wounds, maladaptive behaviors, and limiting beliefs inflicted by those wounds.

I don’t prescribe to tips and tricks looking to minimize or ignore our pain as I believe we can never be free from anything we desperately avoid. Instead, I strive to guide my clients to pay attention and listen to what the discomfort might be trying to tell us. I am committed to my own Self-discovery because I know the more inner work I do, the better I am at guiding others to do the same.

I take a holistic approach to healing, exploring trauma and emotions in a traditional talk therapy setting, while also incorporating somatic modalities like breathwork to bridge the mind-body connection. My goal is for our time together to feel as an exhale, for me to be a catalyst for your emotional risk-taking, while guiding you to heal your relationship with yourself. 

The Liminal Space

A liminal space is the time between ‘what was’ and ‘what's next’. It is a place of transition, a season of questions and reflection.
what was

You might be feeling...

  • Overwhelmed with sensations and emotions
  • Perpetually drained, unsettled, and mentally foggy
  • Hopeless, with a deep sadness and despair
  • Unable to enjoy life, not even the good things 
  • Afraid and ashamed of showing up as your true self
What's next

You want to experience...

  • More clarity and self-awareness all around
  • Deeper compassion for yourself and others
  • Firmer boundaries that protect your sensitivity
  • Freedom to be yourself around the people you love
  • A return to an inner knowing as your compass
Therapy will be the liminal space where you transform 'what was' into 'what's next'.