"You will love again the stranger who was yourself."

- Derek Walcott


Lakhshmi Nagireddy, LMSW

I am a therapist serving clients virtually, anywhere in the state of Maryland. I particularly enjoy working with adults facing life transitions, needing support as they step into the challenges of difficult decisions, change, or ambivalence. My work involves creating spaces where my clients can explore and process the choices they have in front of them (whether it is career transitions, dating and relationships, painful memories from childhood, etc.), and make decisions from a grounded and centered place.
I take an eclectic approach to therapy, choosing the modality based on where I see the framework help the client. I believe in engaging the sensory, mental, and emotional in sessions as a way to process together. My approach is client-centered and focuses on meeting clients where they are to help support healing and growth.
I believe in empowering my clients to use different ways of thinking and different tools when moving through the world and processing life’s experiences and challenges. My role is to help them uncover their own hidden wealth of knowledge to lead them forward in their journey of healing and growth.
Availability: Lakhshmi has availability for new clients Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and early afternoons. 

Mara Gutierrez, LICSW

I help people look within and find their way back to their wise, centered, grounded Self. Using feelings as feedback, we hold space for intense emotions and explore painful wounds, maladaptive behaviors, and limiting beliefs inflicted by those wounds.

I don’t prescribe to tips and tricks looking to minimize or ignore our pain as I believe we can never be free from anything we desperately avoid. Instead, I strive to guide my clients to pay attention and listen to what the discomfort might be trying to tell us. I am committed to my own Self-discovery because I know the more inner work I do, the better I am at guiding others to do the same.

I take a holistic approach to healing, exploring trauma and emotions in a traditional talk therapy setting, while also incorporating somatic modalities like breathwork to bridge the mind-body connection. My goal is for our time together to feel as an exhale, for me to be a catalyst for your emotional risk-taking, while guiding you to heal your relationship with yourself. 

Availability: Mara does not have any current availability for new clients.