journeying through expanded states

Preparation & Integration

An eight-weeks program for INFJs, empaths, and other highly sensitive humans

Experiences in expanded states have been part of the history of many cultures across time. In recent years, the US has experienced a renaissance of psychedelic research, specifically in the context of their therapeutic use in mental health. 

These experiences can be full of beauty and insight; and they can also feel overwhelming and difficult to understand.

Preparing for and integrating a journey is an important aspect of psychedelic work, and it can mean the difference between a transformational life experience and some obscure memory of a really weird night.

Whether this experience happens alone, with friends, in a religious ceremony, at a Ketamine clinic, with a therapist, or with a shaman in South America, processing it is very valuable; which is why I created this program.

come join us

This program will consist of eight weeks of transformational inner work and supportive community, preparing for and integrating experiences in expanded states. We will explore the use of psychedelics and entheogens for personal healing and collective transformation, through a trauma-informed, spiritual, and political lens; all done in a community of fellow sensitive, compassionate humans.

The Terrain We'll Cover

Parts Work
Weeks one - three

Parts Work

  • Introduction to the IFS model and its application within expanded states
  • Exploration and mapping of the different parts of yourself 
  • Cultivating and accessing Self-energy
  • Experiential IFS exercises during live group calls
week four


  • Personal and collective intention setting
  • Development of core philosophies
  • Grounding set of practices to help you prepare for your experience
  • Ways to maximize safety through harm reduction principles
week five

The Journey - Breathwork

  • Group breathwork session during our fifth live call
Psychedelic Integration
week six - eight


  • Mapping  and capturing your experience
  • Meaning-making and distilling important insights
  • Translating insights into meaning action
  • Ongoing shifts, commitment, and service

How We'll Get There

You’ll complete the registration form (to make sure this program is a good fit for you)

You’ll  get on a video call with me, exploring your WHY and answering any questions you might have

You’ll do some pre-work (a meditation and some journaling)  before our first live session

We’ll meet as a group every week for four weeks on Zoom to prepare for your journey

You’ll expand in between sessions with ongoing homework and practices

We’ll dive into expanded states during a virtual group breathwork session on week five

We’ll come back and integrate the experience through weekly Zoom calls on our last three weeks


This program is for you if:

  • You are a highly sensitive person wanting to learn about expanded states
  • You are curious about psychedelic and entheogenic experiences, but need some structured guidance  
  • You enjoy being in community and connecting with others in a small group
  •  You are wanting to experience emotional, relational, and spiritual growth
  • You are willing to reflect on difficult questions and can allocate 2-3 hours weekly for this program

This program is not for you if:

  • You are in a mental health crisis and need support from a mental health professional
  • You are looking to buy and/or sell any controlled substances
  • You prefer solo journeys and don’t thrive in communal spaces
  • You are looking for a solely didactic program without experiential exercises
  • You are an experienced psychonaut 
  • You want to use psychedelics/entheogens solely as a way to increase productivity
Mara Gutierrez

Hi! I’m Mara.

My approach to this work centers scientific research and psychospiritual frameworks; making space for lived experience, ritual and tradition, trauma-informed modalities, and spiritual exploration. 

I believe in the innate wisdom and natural self-healing ability of human beings. The process of tending to that inner healing intelligence provides opportunity for insight, understanding, and connection to essence. Given the powerful nature of such opportunity, I believe this work calls for reverence, integrity, and presence; as much as it calls for vibrancy, authenticity, and aliveness 

My approach is also relational in nature and grounded in social justice praxis and harm reduction principles. I am committed to my personal and professional growth, both through structured supervision, consultation, and training; as well as ongoing psychotherapy, somatic practices, and inner exploration. I am a signatory of the North Star pledge and abide by multiple Codes of Ethics.

We’ll be fusing different healing modalities in this program as we prepare for and integrate experiences in expanded states. Here are the three main pillars at the program’s foundation. 

A conversation with the parts of yourself that might be needing care and attention. 

An invitation to connect to your body to access inspiration, healing, and connection.

An exploration of the interconnectedness of our individual and collective wellbeing.

The Details


The cost of the entire 8-week program, including access to the lessons, recordings, and resources, is $1245

You can pay in full or split the cost into three payments of $415


The group will have no more than 15 participants

Breakout groups during live calls will have 3-5 participants

You have the option to be paired with another participant as a partner throughout the duration of the program


Live sessions will be hosted on Zoom

Ongoing Q&A and further conversations will happen on Signal


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! This is THE place for you to learn and ask questions about how to best approach experiences in expanded states and how to keep yourself safe doing so. 

 Psychedelic integration is simply the process of understanding a psychedelic experience, distilling meaning from it, and applying it to your life. We’ll do that through ongoing discussions, deliberate exercises, and personal practices you’ll start implementing throughout the program. 

No, it is not. This is a program for individuals who are looking for additional resources to support their growth. This is NOT intended to be group therapy nor any form of professional therapeutic intervention.

Yes. We’ll have a 1:1 welcome call before the group program starts to explore how to best support you. I’ll also be hosting weekly Q&A so you get the chance to submit your questions (anonymously if you wish) and get answers from me. 

Yes, weekly group calls are the most important part of this program. That is where we will be sharing experiences, supporting one another, and witnessing each other’s process as we go through this experience. The teaching portion of those calls will be recorded, but to ensure safety and confidentiality, the rest of the calls will not. 

Great! You can email me ( your question and I’ll do my best to answer it. 

a note on

Mutual Aid & Reciprocity

I am invested in mutual aid and collective care efforts supporting marginalized communities, Indigenous Sovereignty, and decriminalization movements; 5% of this program’s (Summer ’22 cohort) proceeds will be donated to the Modern Spirit Reciprocity Project.

You can learn more about their work here.