regain joy and balance

Individual Therapy

Despite pain, despair, and endless doubt, who you are is whole.

Individual Therapy

How does it work?

Everyone I work with shares a similar goal: they want to feel physically vibrant and emotionally balanced; instead of perpetually drained, unsettled, mentally foggy, and unable to enjoy life. However, everyone I work with is often feeling overwhelmed, hopeless, and uncertain of their every decision by the time they make it through my doors. My clients often feel stuck in an unhealthy relationship with themselves, feeling very little energy and drive to get things done, but rarely letting the world around them know about their inner struggles and instead putting on a mask to soldier through their days.

My work guides them through an inner journey, familiarizing themselves with their sad, protective, reactive parts. Together, we work our way into the more wounded parts that might still be holding pain, shame, and guilt. It is deep, intense work: addressing pain and sadness; but more importantly what’s underneath them.

And yes, it can be scary to look inside because it feels overwhelming, intimidating, and shameful to face some of those realities. My hope is that being a support to you while navigating those layers will make that journey of self-discovery easier and more gratifying. 

Areas I love helping clients navigate:

  • Overwhelming feelings of sadness and hopelessness
  • Disconnection from the physical body
  • Intense emotional responses and high sensitivity
  • Painful memories and their effect now
  • Shame and insecurity
  • Emotional numbness
  • Blurred boundaries and self-neglect
  • Issues of multiculturalism and identity